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 name Pace Calculator
 version 1.0.0
 description Pace Calculator is great for runners, bikers, and more. This application has its roots in a web-based JavaScript version. It is now available as an executable file that can be run in Windows. For more information about the JavaScript version, visit MREDKJ (opens in new window)

Calculate for time, distance, or pace, given the other two. Distance and pace can be in different units of measure. The program will convert accordingly. The units for distance include miles, meters, yards, and kilometers. The units for pace are time per mile, 400 meters, or kilometer.

Time and pace can be entered with a maximum of two digits for hours, minutes, and seconds. The result for time or pace will round to a whole number. Distance can be up to 9 digits. The result for distance will round up to one decimal place.

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 requirements Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000
 cost Freeware
 instructions Download. Extract the files to a temporary folder, and run the setup program (setup.exe).
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